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Microscope Parts/Acc.

Cuvettes - Nova Biotech offers a complete line of quality glass and quartz cuvettes and accessories for: uv/vis spectrophotometers, spectrofluorometers, colorimeters, tablet dissolution and dye laser applications.

You can search by cuvette type and size in our listing of the most commonly used cuvettes or search by category in our online catalog.

Spectrophotometer Cells

Fluorometer Cells

Short Path / Demountable

Caps and Septa Inserts

Cell Adapters

Cell Stirrers

Cell Washers

Cell Cleaning Solution

Cuvette Trays

Our online catalog represents the most popular sizes of cuvettes but it is only a partial listing of the cuvettes we carry.

If you can';t find the type or size of cuvette you need in our online catalog, or if you are not sure what to order and we will be happy to assist you. We want to make sure that you get the right cuvette for your application. If you have a Fisher, VWR, Starna or Hellma cuvette and don';t know which Nova Biotech part number replaces it, Contact Us for cross reference assistance.

Scientific Instrument Replacement Lamps: - we carry a complete line of quality replacement lamps for: Uv/Vis Spectrophotometers, Spectrofluorometers, HPLC, Microplate Readers, AA instruments and Chemistry Analyzers. We carry lamps for: Agilent, Amersham - Pharmacia, AKTA Explorer, ABI, ATI, AVIV, Bausch & Lomb, Beckman, Bio-Tek, BioWhittaker, Cary, GBC, Gilford, Gilson, Hach, HP, Hitachi, Jasco, Jenway, Knauer, LKB, Milton Roy, Molecular Devices, Perkin Elmer, Perceptive Biosystems, PE, Pharmacia, Shimadzu, Spectra Physics, Spectronic, TSP, Tecan, Thermo Spectronic, Unico, Varian, Victor Wallac, Waters and many more. Our lamps meet or exceed the performance standards of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) lamps that they replace - and you'll save from 10% to 40%.

You can search by manufacturer in our comprehensive list of replacement lamps or search by category in our online catalog.

Atomic Absorption Lamps

Chemistry Analyzer Lamps

HPLC / FPLC Detector Lamps

Spectrophotometer Lamps

Spectrofluorometer Lamps

Micro Plate Reader Lamps

Microscope Lamps

Misc. Beckman Lamps

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