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Are your instruments in compliance?

Instrument Calibration & Performance Verification - Nova Biotech offers a complete calibration, performance testing and system verification service for most brands of Uv/Vis spectrophotometers, Microplate Readers, Spectrofluorometers, PCR Thermocyclers, HPLC, FPLC, Centrifuges, Temperature Control instruments, Incubators and other general lab instruments. We offer these services on-site and for mail in products at our depot facility.

Using each instrument's unique performance specifications, we create a customized performance protocol specifically for your instrument. Testing is done with NIST traceable test equipment to insure scientific defensibility and accuracy. After the testing is done, you will receive a Certificate of Performance that outlines the performance characteristics of your instrument. This document not only provides important information about the dynamic operation of your instrument, but it can also be helpful in satisfying compliance requirements with outside regulatory agencies and in-house QA programs.

Our testing programs will stand up against any internal or external regulatory scrutiny.

Experience... Our 25+ years of experience and hundreds of performance tests at major companies and universities across the U.S. will insure that your instrumentation will be correctly and thoroughly tested. We will gladly provide references upon request.

Traceable... We use only NIST traceable calibration standards in our testing programs.

Affordable... Our prices are 30-40% lower than the prices charged by the OEM service departments with no reduction in quality. We also offer multiple units discounts and reduced pricing for annual testing agreements.

Easy...You provide the instrument and we do the rest. We gather the performance specifications for your instrument, create a test profile, complete the testing and format the as found data into a custom Performance Certificate.

In addition to performance testing, Nova Biotech can also provide your lab with a complete Preventive Maintenance (PM) program and instrument repairs. When used together our Performance Testing and PM services will help to insure that your lab's instruments are within specification and are maintained at their optimum state of readiness and reliability.

The following is a list of some of the instruments that we provide repair and PM services for. If you don't see your instrument on the list, call or e-mail us for more information and a no cost quote.

  Uv/Vis Spectrophotometers   FTIR   Centrifuges
  Spectrofluorometers   IR   CO2 Incubators
  Microplate Readers-Absorbance   Ovens   HPLC
  Microplate Readers - Fluoro   AA   FPLC
  Bench Top Autoclaves   GC   Polarimeters
  PCR Thermocyclers   Furnaces   Incubator Shakers

Note: We also provide repair service and support for these instruments.

The list above contains the most common types of instruments we support. If your instrument isn't listed above, please contact us to find out if your instument is supported by us.