Scientific Lab Equipment

External, Variable Speed Electronic Cell Stirrer



  • Model: AC-670
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Nova Biotech

Spinette cell stirrer system:
The "Spinette" cell stirrer offers the ability to simultaneously measure and stir the contents of special cells specifically made to be used with the Spinette system. The mixing of the cell's solution is done with a tiny magnetic stir bar placed into a "well" at the bottom of the cell. A small electronic coil rotation assembly is placed under the cell.

The Spinette accessory fits into the bottom of a standard 1 cm cell holder and the cuvette sits on top of the stir accessory, which has the same footprint as a standard cuvette. This raises the cell by ~5 mm without affecting instrument's operation. It may also reduce the required sample volume due to the cuvette sitting higher in the instrument's light beam.

The Spinette